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Would you have ignored this beaten up and dull wardrobe? I didn’t! I saw its potential and transformed it into a stunning custom drinks cabinet that’s perfect for storing all of your bar accessories, bottles, and glassware. These old fashioned gentleman wardrobes are the perfect size for transforming in to larger cocktail cabinets that will keep ALL of your bar accessories, bottle and glassware in one place 🥂 “ The outside features a custom Art Deco style gold line design to complement th...
a wooden cabinet with wine glasses and bottles in it next to a vase filled with flowers
Adorn Marigold Cocktail Cabinet
Adorn Marigold Cocktail Cabinet – Zuster Furniture
a wooden dresser with black and gold designs on it's drawers, next to a potted plant
Home decor
Home decor – Loulou Rose Originals