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Masonry almost destroyed his family. Repentance saved his son.

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Two young Mormon missionaries learn the truth about their religion.

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Is he really the 'Holy Father,' or actually something quite different?

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When Science Gets It Wrong — The Piltdown Man Hoax — Evolution Proof Forged?

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The nation that stops being thankful and forgets God is heading for judgement.

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Based on a story of Native Americans, this is a classic head-to-head battle between God and Satan.

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He was born to light the sky in martyrdom to Allah.

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When a priceless carpet is permanently stained, its owner learns that only Jesus' blood can remove the stain of sin.

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A wife-abuser learns that Jesus Christ is the only One who can change him. A strong salvation message.

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When The Thief learns he is about to die without Christ, he realizes that his money and fame are worthless. An exciting baseball story that delivers a powerful salvation message.