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Every night at dusk Germaine goes to the farm. The humans there have a lot of animals among others sheep. Germaine always brings herbs for the sheep´s as a thanks you gift. She carefully pulls the sheep´s wool of the fence. . Every time Germaine comes to the farm the sheep´s are excited and happy to see her, because she brings them herbs. Back at the "Gieblinge" village she washes the wool and spins the wool to fine yarn. She makes beautiful clothes out of the yarn


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Radswid is dedicated to prepare the Gieblinge children for the life ahead. In a remote corner of the underground Empire are school rooms . Every morning, the Gieblinge children gather there for their daily instructions. Radswid awaits them by the entrance, and greets each one of them with a big hug. Here, the children learn everything a Giebling needs to know. They paint, read, do math, and learn about the history of the Gieblinge Empire...


Sindri, needle / wet felted Gnome 18"


Fedelm is the oldest woman under the " Gieblinge " folk. Every night when the Gieblinge come together. she's telling adventures about other gnomes. Fedelm can answer any question of the Gieblinge children. She knows everything. Fedelm is happy every time she can help the other gnomes.


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needle / wet felted Gnome Regin is the blacksmith of the Giebling folk. He makes beautiful jewelry out of the crystal the others gently collected from the walls of the mountains. The women of the folk wear those pieces on festivals when the whole folk gets together to celebrate