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Aaron tveit

Aaron Tveit- Les Miserables (not gonna lie he was pretty hot) he should have played Marius ...

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Aaron Tveit | I love this one!!

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When he nuzzled a pillow while sleeping. | The 42 Most Seductively Charming Aaron Tveit Moments Of All Time

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Aaron Tveit, making all other men less and less attractive since 1983

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He looks like he's injured and trying to hide it from the person who just came down the stairs. "What are you /doing/?" --"Oh, just... You know. Hanging out."

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The last one about sums it up<<<During finals, my screensaver was a picture of Aaron Tveit that said 'You can do it.' Im not even kidding

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❤️It should be illegal to be this good looking

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Jax with glasses

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Aaron Tveit... I would not mind waking up to something like that every morning ;)

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Aaron Tveit seriously needs to stop blinking his eyes like that jfc that man is beautiful <3 (gif)

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