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Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa ~ Sand Dunes

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Anna Petyarre, from the Mulga Bore country (Utopia, NT). Belongs to the Anmatyerre people.

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Dreamtime Sisters by Colleen Wallace Nungari depicts the ancestral spirit figures Irrernte-arenye (Dreamtime sisters) of the Eastern Arrernte, Aboriginal people in Central Australia

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Australian Art Lessons | Ms Maggie Mo's Australian Aboriginal hand project: spray hand with ...

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Contact — artplacement Modern Aboriginal Art rental

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This is the Ngalyod, or the Rainbow Serpent - my entry for Australin INfront’s “Native” poster call out.

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Ooh. Going to do this with Theunis in the holidays. Can't wait for the holidays :)

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Painting exhibited at ABORIGENE GALERIE - Lille Art Fair. Trying to find out artist's name.

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Artist Minnie Pwerle, such an inspirational painter. I saw her work in person in Australia - it is STUNNING

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Almost like a fingerprint -- Aboriginal Art Galleries - Polly Nelson Nungala

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