Happy Friday! Save time this weekend with some short cuts! Here's some keyboard hacks that you definitely need for #PremierPro and #AfterEffects.

Every Keyboard Shortcut That You Will Ever Need for Premiere Pro & After Effects

Tutorial from @ZIONandZION on how to rig characters in Adobe After Effects for animated videos. http://www.zionandzion.com/how-to-rig-a-character-in-after-effects/

Character rigging in Adobe After Effects full tutorial. Lear how to animate characters with Adobe After effects in this how to guide.

Intro to Motion Graphics [2/4] | After Effects Tutorial - http://tutorials411.com/2016/12/06/intro-motion-graphics-24-effects-tutorial/

December Adobe After Effects Tutorials, 72 viewsThis is it, the final episode, thanks for sticking with me through the whole thing!

The VHS Look in After Effects by Jake Bartlett - Dribbble

The VHS Look in After Effects

If you're as fond of the as I am, than you're gonna love this class! Learn how to make any animation, video or still photo look like it came straight out o.

Doctor Strange Portal Effect – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

After Effects tutorials based on visual effects from the film Doctor Strange, including portal effects and ghost effects.

20 Tricks That'll Save You Time in After Effects ★★★ Find More inspiration @creativeelc ★★★

20 Tricks That'll Save You Time in After Effects