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Alexis Bledel More

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Pretty makeup and hair. ( on another note I'm still upset they didn't cast her as Anastasia in 50 shades )

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Alexis Bledel

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Lauren Graham: 'Gilmore Girls' Is 'Sneakily Feminist'

Any true fan of Gilmore Girls will tell you that the show isn't just about the…

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Alexis Bledel Photos Photos: Alexis Bledel arrives in Toronto

Alexis Bledel - Alexis Bledel arrives in Toronto gray

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that's a beautiful thing to do

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hair color, bang length, curly ponytail, natural it all! alexis bledel

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This is what I would like to look like when I travel - I always feel like a hot mess!

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Alexis Bledel. Hair.

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50 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2014 |

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