Algebra 2 Exponent Rule Review

Book Review - Fire Pool by David E Owen

Today I made a cheat sheet to give to our students tomorrow as we get ready for a polynomials quiz on Thursday and mid-year review next week. Really, the sheet is as much for me as it is for them:) It's a half-sheet so I papercut the sheet in half and hole punch for the kids to put in their binders. You can download it from the "Freebies!" section of the sidebar if your kids need a reminder too!

Synthetic Division in Algebra 2

Today I made a cheat sheet to give to our students tomorrow as we get ready for…

Learning with Tape: 2013 Algebra 2 Pages

As promised, my Algebra 2 pages: Sets of Real Numbers: Frayer models for vocab here . Graphic Organizer at Math& .

2 free quadratics references for students. One is for quadratic word problems, the other is for factoring quadratics.

Quadratics flow- and anchor charts, oh my!

I used this diagram in my powerpoint to help the students tie factoring polynomials to the graphs of quadratics so they had multiple ways to solve

Packed full of interactive notebook activities for Algebra 2/Integrated Math students, this HUGE bundle also includes scaffolded notes w/answer keys.  Includes the following sections: Solving Equations & Inequalities, Linear Relations & Functions, Solving Systems of Equations in 2 and 3 Variables, Matrices, Polynomials, Trig Functions, Quadratic Functions, Conic Sections, Polynomial Functions, and more! #inb #algebra2 #scaffoldednotes $

Algebra 2 - Interactive Notebook Activities and Scaffolded Notes

We started graphing absolute value functions in Algebra 2 this week. At the same time, I got a request for a reference sheet like one I had posted for graphing quadratics. It was great timing. I had one but it wasn't good, so the request was the kick in the pants I needed to make changes.

Graphing absolute value functions CHEAT SHEET

School of Fisher: Exponential & Logarithmic Form

A big thanks to Amy over at Square Root of Negative One Teach Math for helping me come up with an easy way for students to remember logarit.