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Alton Brown's Hot Cocoa Mix: Instant cocoa is a fine concept, but most commercial mixes aren’t exactly packed with quality ingredients or flavor. My signature instant cocoa blend will fortify you through winter’s worst.

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Alton Brown's Onion Dip from Scratch--This is the BEST onion dip I've ever had!!

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Alton Brown's Southern Biscuits Makes 1 dozen biscuits. 2 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons shortening 1 cup buttermilk, chilled Roll & cut out on floured board Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Bake 15 to 20 minutes.

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Alton Brown's Homemade Marshmallows are easy to prepare. And once you have the base recipe down, the possibilities are endless (for example add peppermint oil for a holiday-spin or cocoa for chocolate lovers).

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I have several eggnog recipes, but this is the only one I drink anymore. My Aged Eggnog: Yeah, this recipe has a lot of booze in it, but the longer the nog ages, the more mellow it will get.

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Alton Brown's pizza dough {my favorite}

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Alton Browns Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese

Recipe: Alton Browns Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese Summary: This is it.. Gooey creamy cheesy with rich flavor and perfect balance, it is…

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Alton Brown’s Mac and Cheese...this was will be the only mac & cheese recipe I ever use!

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Alton Brown's Brined Turkey

Alton Brown's Brined Turkey: "Hands down, the best turkey we've ever had! A saltwater brine allows the turkey to hold in tons of moisture and absorb the seasonings deep into the meat."-

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Alton Brown's Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip Recipe: This is probably my favorite dip of all time. And I hate to admit that when it’s cold and stiff, I sometimes make sandwiches out of it. Don’t judge me!

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Alton Brown's Hummus Recipe: Not only is it better than store-bought, you can whip this dip up in no time (no need to soak the beans).

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home-made soft pretzels... alton brown's recipe

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A Delightful Alton Brown Recipe: Sardine Avocado Open-face Sandwiches (No, Really)

Alton Brown's Flour Tortilla Recipe: Just four simple ingredients and you can make homemade flour tortillas at home.

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Simplify Your Diet with Alton Brown's Four Lists Method

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Alton Brown's Top 10 Recipes of 2016

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Alton Brown's Winter Vegetable Soup | Bobby Corsica | Copy Me That

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Swedish Meatballs

Classic Swedish Meatballs - Alton Brown

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Alton Brown's overnight cinnamon rolls. These. Are. Amazing. My new favorite cinnamon roll recipe!

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Alton Brown's Meatloaf Recipe: I have always loved meatloaf. My mom made pretty good version when I was growing up, but she cooked it in a baking dish so there wasn’t nearly enough crusty exterior. This one here though…just right.

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"Instant" Pancake Mix

It's easier to make Alton's "Instant" Pancake Mix than it is to go to the store to buy a box!

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ALTON BROWN'S CHRISTMAS EVE SOUP - Kielbasa, Red potatoes, Red kidney beans, garlic, kale, broth.

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Alton Brown's Dark Salted Caramels: Great for a hostess gift, stocking stuffer or just eat them yourselves. They're easier to make than you think (and oh so good).

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Alton Brown's Guacamole Recipe: Definitive. Straight-forward. Iconic. And oh yeah, damn tasty.

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