Edward vs Alucard, "monster" XD

yeah, of course you're a monster -. I wonder than, what Alucard is XD the Devil?Well, isn't that wrong, but you're still not a monster Edward.

Alucard Fan Art - Hellsing I've only seen the abridged version by Team Four Star...It's bloody hilarious...

Alucard Fan Art - Hellsing He looks alot like Sebastian Michaelis in this pic

Hellsing Motivation by HappyNomNom13.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Another one~ Gosh, I'm in a Hellsing-happy mood right now. I don't own Hellsing or the picture.

hellsing - Is there any way to kill Alucard? - Anime & Manga Stack ...

In Hellsing Ultimate: Episode when Luke Valentine says he will prove that Alucard's

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