In good company: These women no doubt worked hard to start their lives over on the edge of a new settlement

Black and white images give a rare glimpse of life on the American frontier

In good company: These women no doubt worked hard to start their lives over on the edge of a new settlement

For more than thirty years spanning the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Evelyn Jephson Cameron photographed the landscape, wildlife, and people of eastern Montana. Evelyn took thousands of photographs of her world; the rural life, badlands, and ranch characters of the real west.

woman on the Montana frontier toward the end of the century. Photo taken by Evelyn Jephson Cameron, who was born in Britain but married and came to Montana and worked hard.

Scots-Irish settling the American Frontier.  "Whole families walked hundreds of miles, some of them using cows as pack animals.  These were uncommonly tough people, used to hardship.  They asked for nothing from the government or anyone else, and nothing is what they usually received."  (fm the book, "Born Fighting" by Jim Webb) art by David Wright

The Spirit of America - A lot of Scots-Irish settled the American Frontier!

Steve White – American Frontier Art

Steve White: Simon Kenton's voyage to steal horses. He has an excellent depiction of Blue Jacket and some scenes straight out of the Frontiersman, too!

David Wright paintingsTitle: : Someone is Wondering Why He Don't write

My impression of Archibald Drumcliff from William MacBride's not yet published "Under Poplar Camp Mountain." David Wright artist "Someone is Wondering Why He Don't Write"

Manifest Destiny: wagon train (1870-1880)

Manifest Destiny: Westward expansion caused many problems between European settlers and Native Americans. This is a picture of a wagon train moving out west.

The Frontier Partisan Art of Steve White - Frontier Partisans - When Two Worlds Clash

I particularly appreciate the paintings depicting my old frontier hero Simon Kenton.

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Today I am unveiling Baby Highstreet's room design! We are currently still in progress working on the room itself, but thing.

American Frontier Hardware

What The Wild West Actually Looked Like, In 48 Photos

These authentic vintage photographs of the American frontier reveal what life was actually like in the "Wild West.

Welcome to the Badlands: Stunning black and white pictures give a rare glimpse into the hardships of life on the American frontier

Black and white images give a rare glimpse of life on the American frontier

Another woman's Home Sweet Prairie Home - from postcards of homesteaders in…

The Ulster immigrant began to transform on the frontier.  "The clothes he brought fm Ireland wore out quickly as he moved through heavy undergrowth...Much of his first year's food supply came fm animal skins replaced cloth.  And being highly adaptable, he took on an Indian style of dress, hunting shirt, deerskin breeches, coonskin cap and moccasins...he allowed his hair to grow long...Within a year on the frontier, the transformation would be complete."  ("God's Frontiersmen"…

I have an Irish fur trapper who got with a native American woman in my family. Need to look up more of my family history

Study the American frontier with your middle and high school students while creating these great pioneer braided rugs!

6 Pioneer Crafts for Teens to Make

6 Pioneer Crafts for Teens to Make Possible For many homeschooling families, crafts are a valuable part of history lessons. Hands-on activities are a wonderful way to bring history to life for kids because historical crafts give them a broader