CLOUD!!! Even with just half a face I know it is him!!!

hot anime angel guy ^ actually this is portraying cloud strife and sephiroth from final fantasy is the one winged angel, and it's showing the attachment between the two.

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Only like the pic cuz of the guy couldn't give 2 fucks about the girl tho tbh lmao

Gosh this is beautiful

Why do many blonde angels remind me to Wan. But dis one does a lot. Dunno why…

(Open rp, be him please) I stare at the mirror in horror. "No, no, not now, please, anytime but now," I say frantically. Mirrors always show when I'm about to switch. I turn around quickly at the sound of a door opening. "A-Aaron? What are you d-doing in here?" I want him out, out before it starts again. He walks over to the mirror next to me and looks at it. "Gail," he turns me around and I see the reflection. My jaw drops; in the mirror, Aaron looks exactly like I do - he has wings too…

Anime angel looking at mirror . :) I noticed in the reflection, she has wings and a halo but she doesn't have wings (Not in the reflection) :o


A beautiful elf Angel, a combination of my two favourite fantasy characters

Agree? :) Anime:Angel beats

Agree? :) Anime:Angel beats