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Colosseum, 70-82 (jaa), antiikin Rooma

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Seinämaalaus Pompeijin Mysteeriohuvilasta, 50 eaa, antiikin Rooma

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Pantheon, 118-128 (jaa), antiikin Rooma

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The Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome

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Daily Life in Ancient Rome - FREE Lesson Plans, Activities, Games

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Ancientvine - Virtual Roman House 3D Reconstruction. Video, 2:49. Relates to House of the Vettii. Pompeii, Italy. Imperial Roman. c. second century B.C.E.; rebuilt c. 62–79 C.E. Cut stone and fresco.

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Marcus Aureliuksen ratsastajapatsas, 161-180 (jaa), antiikin Rooma

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-How did the Roman invention known as an aqueduct work? -What made the aqueduct so revolutionary? Romans - Aqueducts - YouTube

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Rooma - Colosseum.

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Roomalainen akvedukti.

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