Maleficent - Art Nouveau by Paola-Tosca on deviantART

My favorite villain.the 2014 version. she's still a villain but this take on the story shows that even a fairy tale can be deeper than it first appeared.

Mucha style - " #DisneyPrincesses" " #Disney" Illustration in style of "Alphonse Mucha" by "chill07"

Sorciere by on deviantART - Awesome art of the most badass Disney villain in history. Love that they kept the medieval style going. TAGS: disney art maleficent i/artwork i/artistry

Anastasia QuickDesign by on @DeviantArt

Anastasia by UK Artist Hannah-Alexander on Deviant Art. She looks kind of like Emma Stone.Can't decide who I would want to play Anastasia more, Emilia Clarke or Emma. By UK Artist Hannah-Alexander on Deviant Art.