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I love me some classy british guys <3

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Arthur Darvill. You know, it's really just like Amy says. You see a person, and then you get to know them, and their face just becomes them, and they're just the most beautiful person in the world. I really like that a lot of these BBC actors aren't conventionally Hollywood gorgeous - they're much more interesting than that.

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Arthur Darvill shoots 1st day production scenes of Arrow/The Flash spinoff, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

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OMG, rep pining because I'm a girl and I have the same trainers Arthur is wearing!!! same color & everything :-)

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This is the definition of swagger. Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who. I akso aopreciate Alex Kingston's converse

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From the Timelord's archive.. The 50th Anniversary of the Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.

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Arthur Darvill

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There's a lot of awesome going on in this picture.

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(Extreme British accent) Rip Hunter. Bounty hunter from the future, and I got here via time travel. I've got one too many enemies back home, so I've decided to hole up in New York. Come say hello?

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Here's an Arthur Darvill appreciation pin. Because Arthur Darvill.

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