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Honestly don't have words apart from Of mice & men will not be the same and good luck to him

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I wanna hug him so bad I can't stand it. That's all I want, a hug and an I love you...

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He is such a strong person! My inspiration right here

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Austin Carlile everyone. One of my idols and he squeals over a pink Octopus wth colorful tentacles. *Facepalm*

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Austin Carlile

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Austin Carlile. I hate the fact that he cries because it breaks my heart when he's sad but I'm proud of him for being man enough to let a few tears fall.

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Austin Carlile getting baptized and giving himself to our Lord and Savior!! God bless you always Austin!

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Austin Carlile

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Austin Carlile. Frick Frackin adorable

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