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10 of the world's biggest unsolved mysteries

Phaistos Disc--discovered in 1908 by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in the Minoan palace site of Phaistos. The disc is made of fired clay and contains mysterious symbols that may represent an unknown form of hieroglyphics. It is dated to the second millennium b.c.e.

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Unsolved Mysteries: Urban Legends of the US


UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Secrets of the Viking Age (720p)

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Secrets of the Viking Age (720p) - Vikings were Germanic Norse seafarers, and spoke the Old Norse language

Erotical Trance-Unsolved Mysteries (Club Mix)

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Solving the Mystery of Michael Rockefeller's Disappearance

Savage Harvest


INTO OBLIVION: Strange Disappearances Unraveled (2016)