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Bucket list: swim under the stars.

Before I die, I want to ...

Before I die, I want to . get a small tattoo that means a lot

Ride water taxi at Venice - not sure the indoor gondolier at the Venetian in Las Vegas counts lol!

A Gondola ride is an absolute must when in Venice. We caught the Gondola in the evening near the Rialto Bridge, but a Gondola ride anywhere in Venice, at any time, is amazing.

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Experience Christmas in New York - Most Amazing Place To Be At Christmas Time!

At school a few months ago we wrote a letter to ourselves, and we open it and the end of high school. Lol, not exactly 10 years, but still ;D

At school a few months ago we wrote a letter to ourselves, and we open it and the end of high school. Lol, not exactly 10 years, but still ;

See the Northern lights... IN PERSON.

Every time they've been visible in Ohio, I've been stuck in the city with a bunch of lights! Need to go to Alaska!

before i die.. I will do this! After I do it once I want to doit every Christams and maybe even on random days just to see the smile on their face and to help someone in need would be amazing (:

Give a homeless person a Christmas present. On year I'm gonna work at a homeless shelter for Christmas and give every single person a gift!

Before I die, I want to ...

Ride in a hot air balloon. "I'll be out of my mind and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon so lets spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon.

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Before I’m too old

I've been to the Eiffel Tower. but I've never been to the top

Bucket List: Visit Iceland

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i've done this many times and sometimes it can be really fun! but no matter how the night turns up my body always hates me for the no sleep thing!

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Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. * DONE *n both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, and the Hogwarts Express! Got my wand and cast spells and drank butterbeer.

I think it's time for another Times Square visit...but this time on New Year's Eve

Someday before I die I want to spend New Years Eve in Times Square. I want to get drunk amongst the masses and scream my head off counting down to the New Year.

Complete with a nice fenced in yard for my dogs and a huge barn for my horse chickens and ducks. Oh and a milk cow!

Design my own dream house. We once had plans drawn up for adding a story to a ranch house we owned. I think someday we'd still love to design and build our dream house. From Jana Moreno.

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I've had chances to do this, yet I've been too scared though I wasn't too scared to swing on a rope when there wasn't any water. Of course, the fact that I got rope burn when my hands slid down the rope doesn't make me more eage

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my life goal right here. but let me add "change someones life for the better"