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Billie Piper!!! Gorgeous! She is so pretty and she's not a stick!!!! I wish more people could see beauty in other body shapes. :)

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Billie Piper with short hair

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If I could just acheive billie pipers blonde hair. I would never touch my color again. Gahhhhh. :(

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Billie Piper- After watching all of Nine and up til Martha, I really love Billie Piper. I respect how The Companions aren't all sticks, she is really beautiful.

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billie piper photographed by chris floyd This is exactly how I wish my hair was! Gah!

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Billie Piper & Karen Gillan YASS the two best companions together at last..

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Billie Piper-Rose Tyler She was definitely my favorite companion! -Doctor Who-

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Billie Piper

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Billie Piper-Let's pretend this is Rose a couple years after she and "John Smith" (wink!) got married and had kids in that alternate universe. She's now a wife(!), mommy and brilliant "fiction" writer. Yep.

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Billie Piper - honestly one of the prettiest women alive I swear...

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