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Wait until everyone leaves..

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@Bvbofficial your music has helped me so much... Ive struggled with self harm, depression, and suicide for the past 3 years. Your music always helps me feel better. Anytime i hear a song im instantly happy. Thank you for your music

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Black veil brides thought me so many thing I love them

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So today on the bus I put in my headphones listening to BVB on max volume thinking no one could hear it turns out the girl I sit next to that is two years older then me heard. I am kinda embarrassed now! :

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Black Veil Brides- I'm so mesmerizing by their eyes I would probably do anything they said cuz I mean look at those beautiful eyes

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Yeah!! =D freaking awesome!<3

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Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides Fallen Angel

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YESSSSS YES YES YES YES I don't know what a mosh pit is, and I think it is a big crowd singing

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For the sake of all the desperate, like me to meet these guys. Well, now you have all their signatures. I hope you are very happy about this, i was ecstatic!

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Andy Black looks 2 good for me :D he is an amazing singer if you like Andy's music check out our free music page, download 7 songs for free at

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