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Gray Bedroom Rustic
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Bohemian Curtains
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Jasna's apartment in Cologne, Germany, filled with femininity, soft colours, and crafts

Rustic country bathroom. Love it!

30 Inspiring Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Cozy Home

It's a unique problem, but no less worthy of attention than how to dress a gallery wall or what to do when your kitchen's too small. The presence of a piano in the room can be seriously demanding on decor. Here are more than a dozen rooms who've mastered it.

13 Ways to Decorate Around a Piano

Attic workspace
This is what I dreamed my house would look like when I grew up, modern wood furniture, plants, and macrame hanging with a gorgeous rug I love the feel of. I think I complete rearrange is on the horizon
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This one almost looks like a bed! My family would love this! We'd never get up! Custom Upholstered Pit Sectional

Beckham Pit Sectional

Nested workspace

40 Insanely Cool Attic Conversion Ideas