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The best images tell stories, and they make you feel something. It has been our enormous privilege to see and share so many breathtaking images over the past five years, and we’re delighted to review a selection of our favorites today. Selection, because we just couldn’t narrow this category down to ten… === — — …

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Vaihtoehtoinen morsiuskimpun heito: Morsian sitoo yhden kimpuntavoittelijoiden nauhoista kimppuunsa ja narunpäässä olija saa kimpun. Lisää: Elokuiset häät -blogi Vaihtoehto kimpun heitolle
Love this label for the toss bouquet
For a fun #WeddingWednesday twist on the classic “garter toss”, decorate a football with one of our Gold & Silver Markers and watch the competition heat up!
Top 10 Bouquet Toss Songs.
Amp up your garter and bouquet toss by giving your guests some incentive to participate!  Instead of having the winners of the garter and bouquet toss share a dance, announce that whoever makes the catch wins a bottle of booze and has to take a shot with the other winner.  This was a HUGE hit on our big day.  ~Signed by Soden
Bouquet toss alternative - last one with a ribbon attached wins.                                                                                                                                                      More
The history of the Bridal Garter! #wedding #garter: See I told you the history of the garter was very interesting!