Bruce "I use sarcasm, not super-strength" Banner

Bruce "I use sarcasm, not super-strength" Banner<<this is why he's my favorite character, tied with spidey.

The Bruce Banner and Tony Stark ones really get to me

Please don't for get Natasha/Black Widow who was tortured for most of her life and trained to be an assassin with no will of her own that broke free and saved the world more than once

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Puffer fish are the Bruce Banner of the sea<<going to the marvel board for that XD

"Mark Ruffalo on going to his daughter's preschool" — This reminds me of a story my mom told me about someone in her Girl Scout troop met her dad and asked, wide-eyed, "Are...aren't you Jimmy Stewart?!" :o)

Are you the Hulk?

Mark Ruffalo remembering one time when he went to his daughter's preschool. His daughter: "YEAH, HE'S THE HULK!