10 Lowkey Ways Weed Will Improve Your Relationship

It opens up the lines of communication, leading to greater intimacy. It also activates the libido :-)

Idea: Ali gets two kinds of trees. I get two different dabs. Like 3 blunts with some oil rolled into each. Then we pick a topic or someshit and discuss it high as fuck.

3 Smoking Methods That Use The Least Amount Of Bud (But Gets You The Highest)

Celebrating Her Love Of Botany With A Green Wedding At Old Mac Daddy

50 DIY Sewing Gift Ideas You Can Make For Just About Anyone

Make an ear bud case using this sweet owl pattern. This is a simple sewing project suitable for beginners who want to work with wool felt and embroidery thread.

Gorgeous Felt Rose Bud

Make your own stunning felt flower bouquet with these felt rose and leaf patterns and tutorials from handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith.

Like the different size bottles w/ varying numbers of flowers as opposed to standard large centerpieces- we have plenty of jars to choose from!

Handmade Crepe Paper Rose Buds Tutorial

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. Learn how to make crepe paper rose buds by hand with our printable template and photo tutorial, perfect for a homemade gift to a loved one

doTERRA Clove Essential Oil Uses with DIY and Food Recipes -

- Want to know all about clove essential oil? I've included everything there is to know about doTERRA clove essential oil uses including DIY & food recipes.