::Calum Hood:: "Hey! I'm Calum Hood! I'm 20. Im a prince. I hate it! I'm apart of 5sos with my 3 idiots. I have a younger sister named Brinley. And one named Jackson. And a brother named Cody. Intro?"

i'm calum mendes-hood. i'm 19 and single. i'm apart of five seconds of summer with my 3 idiots. i have 3 siblings named shawn , kennedy and devin.

[ Calum hood ] "Hey I'm Calum.Im 19 and single.Me and Callie are twins.I play bass in 5sos.Intro?"

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idk why but i love this. oh wait yah i do its bc it's calum hood.

Calum thanks for teaching me that not everybody is perfect so keep on being myself. Thanks again love you ❤

(Calum hood) Nia Lovelis: hi I'm Calum and I'm dating Nia. I'm the bassist in 5 Seconds of summer

[ calum hood ] "heyro! i'm calum mendes-hood. i'm 18. i major in music! i'm apart of 5SOS with my 3 idiots. i have 5 siblings! intro?"

i'm calum mendes-hood. i'm i major in music! i'm apart of with my 3 idiots. i have 5 siblings!

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"hey, I'm calum. I'm 20 and I'm in a band. "I post a lot about my band and myself.

I don't like smoking or people doing it but dang! I know he may not do it all the time but still please don't do it all the time!

lisssssttteeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn I do not like the fact that Calum smokes but I have no control over that, he can do what he wants, loOKS REALLY FLIPPIN HOT