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I will have a husband exactly like Chandler Bing no ifs ands or buts about it

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When you start to wonder about all the things you must be doing wrong: | 23 Times Chandler Bing Perfectly Described Being Single

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When he completely blew it with supermodel Jill Goodacre. | 32 Iconic Chandler Bing Jokes That Will Never Not Be Funny

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I got Chandler Bing! Are You More Chandler Bing, Ross Geller, Or Joey Tribbiani?

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In the words of Monica "Check" @Gwen Lemming @Brittany Lewin

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Chandler Bing, because he's awkward, sarcastic, commitment phobic and still found hero!!!

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The ten seasons of theme song images for my favorite Friend. :)

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Chandler Bing.

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Chandler Friends tv show Funny quotes

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