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Christopher Eccleston - Ninth Doctor. I shall never listen to anyone who says this man is in attractive. They lie.

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THIS POST IS AWESOME!!! Not only did this break my heart, it also reminded me of how much I loved Nine and his relationship with Rose.

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Christopher Eccleston by on @deviantART

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I have the biggest respect for Christopher Eccleston

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Here, have this very handsome picture of Christopher Eccleston for no reason at all.

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Young Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt smith, and Peter Capaldi. Oh my freaking gosh

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"Holy TARDIS of Gallifrey... CHRISTOPHER YOU CAN'T HAVE HAIR" HE'S SO SCRUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! <-- pinning again for that comment

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Steven Moffat finally reveals why John Hurt replaced Christopher Eccleston in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

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Here's some Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper to make your day better :3 #doctorwho #christophereccleston #rosetyler #billiepiper #ninerose

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Billie Piper & Christopher Eccleston. I've already posted this before, but I just love it so much, so I had to post again.

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