Es de perfume dulce, repelente de insectos. Hazlo tú misma /o. Llenar un frasco de vidrio con cortezas de cítricos y hierbas. Añadir de 20 a 30 gotas de aceite de citronella. Cubre con agua caliente para ayudar a desarrollar el aroma. Flotar una vela en la parte superior de la jarra y la luz. Sentarse y disfrutar!.Rosemery=romero,thime=tomillo,lavender=lavanda,citrus=cítricos,citronella oil=aceite de citronela,cinnamon=canela,hot wáter=agua caliente ,revolver y a disfrutar!

Different Types of Citrus Oils and Their Benefits

8 Plants That Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes | Grow these in your garden or plant them in a pot to keep the bugs away.

8 Plants That Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes

DIY citronella candles are an easy and cute project to make in mason jars. They're absolutely beautiful for outdoor wedding receptions, and functional too because the oil helps repel mosquitos! Also an excellent idea for outdoor dinner party table decorations.

How To Make a Citronella Candle in a Mason Jar

Replace your old, weathered tiki torches with beautiful, colorful DIY wine bottle citronella candles.

DIY: Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

When buying Citronella grass, make sure you buy Cybopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus, which are true varieties.
DEET - Free Mosquito control with mosquito repelling plants.
Citronella plants have a strong citrus scent and lush green foliage that make them perfect for keeping on the porch or patio in containers. Best of all, they naturally repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy your patio without needing to spray yourself with harsh chemical sprays before going outside.

Citronella (Anti-Mosquito Plant)

Homemade Citronella Candles - Say farewell to mosquitoes! These DIY Citronella candles are a fantastic natural mosquito repellent, make a great gift and work fantastic!

These DIY Citronella Candles are a FANTASTIC Natural Mosquito Repellent! They're super easy to make too!

Learn how to make a homemade citronella candle using old candle wax and soup cans! They're so easy to make, and the candle really works to keep bugs and mosquitoes away.

Homemade Citronella Candle

Whether you’re camping in the woods or enjoying your backyard on a summer evening, citronella tiki torches are perfect for lighting and keeping the bugs away. The mason jars give the torches a charming vintage feel!

How to Make Mason Jar Citronella Torches