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Coal miners waiting for the mantrip. Gary, McDowell County, WV. 1946. Kentuckiana Digital Library.

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A coal miner with the last canary to be used down underground.

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Documenting 'Dirty' Jobs: Miners At Work

{true story} Coal miner Lee Hipshire in 1976, shortly after emerging from a mine in Logan County, W. Va. at the end of his shift. At age 36, he had worked 26 years underground. A few years later, Lee took early retirement because of pneumoconiosis, or black lung disease. He died at 57.

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.A miner and his family, Rhondda Valley, South Wales, 22nd June 1931. The boys in a mining village are usually only too eager to join their fathers in the pit. They go down as soon as they are old enough to work. Photograph taken by James 'Jimmy' Jarché (8 September 1890 – 6 August 1965) of the Daily Herald newspaper for a series of articles called 'In Search of Wales' written by H V Morton in 1934.

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Coal miner

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Coal miners picking out "impurities" before the coal is processes. Before the child labor laws, much of this work was done by boys.

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Three Welsh Coal Miners Just Up from the Pits After a Day's Work in Coal Mine in Wales

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This picture was taken in Blantyre October 22, 1877: the day the Blantyre mining disaster in Scotland killed 207 miners. The widows and orphans left behind were evicted by mine owners and were likely sent to poor houses.

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Hands of Appalachia....just like my coal mining grandfather...hands of leather. Wolf Coal,Kentucky

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