YESYESYES! I really need to take 4 separate preaching classes AND have 2 internships within my four years!?

College Problem I think everyone has that ONE class they'd love to drop, but can't :/ Mine is Statistics :' ugh

College is nothing; get to grad school. I'm literally never getting out of debt #imindebtuptomyeyeballs

Request Submit a post Rage comics reflecting the inherently frustrating nature of the graduate school experience.

Statistics for adults who've graduated college. Times have changed.

Fun statistics for adults!

Well, I do....for like 2 seconds

What Would Receiving a Text Message from Your Dog Be Like? It Would Go Something Like This...

Funny pictures about First World School Problems. Oh, and cool pics about First World School Problems. Also, First World School Problems.

Not just a teen post kiddos! This is creepy to everyone, lol.

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

correction- College Problem not teenager problem!>>>>> umm it can be a teenage problem. Especially when you are in highschool and in Ib which is practically college classes sooooo ✋👌