Cy Twombly - Sothebys

workman: likeafieldmouse: Cy Twombly - Untitled - Housepaint and wax crayon on card

AMERICAN PAINTER CY TWOMBLY         AMERICAN PAINTER CY TWOMBLY   In 1962 Cy Twombly (born 1928 in Lexington, Virginia) painted a wo...

CY TWOMBLY (born 1928 in Lexington, Virginia) Quattro Stagioni: Estate Acrylic and pencil on canvas 3241 x 2250 x

Cy Twombly - Sea                                                                                                                                                                                 More

cinoh: “ Cy Twombly, Poems to the Sea thanks, S. [when a mountain doesn’t listen, say a prayer to the sea] ”

Cy Twombly, School of Athens (1964). Detail

Cy Twombly - Artist XXè - Abstract Expressionism - School of Athens

justanothermasterpiece:    Cy Twombly.

vjeranski: “Cy Twombly Apollo and the Artist 1975 Oil paint, wax crayon, pencil and collage on paper 142 x 128 cm Image courtesy Works on Paper, Rome © Cy Twombly ”

Cy Twombly in his studio , "When I work, I work very fast, but preparing to work can take any length of time." (Twombly)

rerylikes: “ Cy Twombly in his studio ©Editions Assouline [source wingsofflo] RIP Cy Twombly (April 25 1928 – July 5 ”