Phil: NOOOO Dan: mMhmmHmm wHaAT soRrY tHiS CeREal Is jUsT sO goOD iT tAsTEs lIkE viCTory!

Dan Howell and Phil Lester//This is the best photo to ever exist I swear <<<< just look at Phil's face it's like a puppy dog

Sherlock was photobombed by Dan and Phil!!!! OMGs THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (photoshopped, but still :3 )

Sherlock was photobombed by Dan and Phil # in the vid A day in the life of dan and phil in London-OMG if this is true.I just love Sherlock and dan and phil sooo much!

Dan looks like a fan girl who ran into phil and took a picture

we’ve completed our white girl pilgrimage to the first ever starbucks in seattle ☕️ (at Original Starbucks)

Being a person with panic disorder, it's mostly very hard for  something on the internet to make me laugh. When I discovered Dan and Phil through their gaming channel, I found some kind of cheerfulness and humour I've never ever found in anyone. And then I wandered to their invidual vlog channels and found some kind of peace and a happy place when I watched them. Thank you boys. For everything.

Dan and Phil always make me feel happy and make me feel like anyone with a little crazy can do awesome things, even if it's just making a person laugh. Thanks so much Dan and Phil!

A day in the life of Dan and Phil in London!<< I LOVE DANISNOTONFIRE AND AMAZINGPHIL!!!!!!!! XD

Times Danisnotonfire And AmazingPhil Have Shown The True Meaning Of Friendship

Idk weather to pin this to my P!ATD board or my Dan and Phil board. Fuck it im doing both

Idk weather to pin this to my P!ATD board or my Dan and Phil board. Fuck it Dan and Phil

I scrolled past the text version of this a few times, but with the illustrations it's more than worth the pin :)

i love this fandom<---- this literally made my heart warm and fuzzy this is so cute! Or should I say phandom?