"Beautiful as a statue, tender as a night of love in the moonlight" - Léopold Sédar Senghor

Why is it that we don't see more dark skinned women in other prints bedides African? Dark skin is as versatile as any other skin!

curly natural hair dark skinned beauty @kindeaux

10 Dark Skinned Natural Hair Instagram Beauty

In old days dark skin is always associated with poverty, geasy and ugly. The public needs to change their perceptions that the black girl is beautifu.

Noir is Beauty

Hey beautiful young black woman the mother of all Races Beauty is is in the eye of the beholder but true beauty comes from within That Makes Her Shine Like the star she is never forget hi beautiful you really are and special Believe and yourself!

unapologetically-african: “miss-unpopular-opinion: “getlostinmymelanin: “bombshellssonly: “@blachaz3 ” ” Wow, oh wow ! ” Omg  ”

unapologetically-african: “miss-unpopular-opinion: “getlostinmymelanin: “bombshellssonly: “ ” ” Wow, oh wo