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Pictures & Photos of David Giuntoli - IMDb <<<<---- male Character looks idea (B.R.A.T.) name: Michael James What: Age: 25 Personality: Very deceitful, hasn't cared about anyone since his father died, used Nick for several reasons (one being to get to Julian since the two had an ugly falling out back in HS),

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David Giuntoli

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David Giuntoli, aka the Grimm.

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david giuntoli - Pesquisa Google

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Grimm is a great show for many reasons. ;)

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The boys are back in ONE WEEK!

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David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) on Grimm, my favorite show, looks fab in scruff mode.

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David Giuntoli GRIMMM MMMMMM!

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David Giuntoli GRIMMM ... con barbaaaa asi o mas hot!!!

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