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Well, he was before, but then he became friends with the Sandman and he couldn't have won that war if he had brought himself to it.


Trade with Musa by ~dendril Traditional Art / Drawings / Macabre & Horror ©2012-2013 ~dendril


Murdered Artist's Rendering of Hell & More

Zdzislaw Beksinski's wife died of an illness and his son Tomasz committed suicide. Later that year his caretaker stabbed him to death, 17 wounds in total, because Beksinski wouldn't lend him the equivalent of 100 dollars.


Doom 3 - Pinky Demon concept art.

72 Demons: DECARABIA He is a demon and, according to The Lesser Key of Solomon, a Great Marquis of Hell, although he has no title in the hellish hierarchy given by Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. He has thirty legions of demons under his command. Decarabia knows the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, and can change into all birds and sing and fly like them before the conjurer. He is depicted as appearing as a pentagram star, changing into a man under the conjurer’s request.