Have you ever wondered why we take x-rays? Wonder no more! #SmartMouth #Dentistry

We often get asked about why we take dental X-rays or encounter people thinking they're not worth the radiation risk. Let us reassure you why we take them.

#granddental Anesthetic Infographic

We did all our surgeries with long acting Marcaine. It kept the patient comfortable until they took pain meds and got home.

Come see Dr Gillespie for your cleaning and exam!  You will get a free toothbrush to replace the frayed one!  Call us today to schedule!  512-515-0171

Frayed bristles are less effective in cleaning teeth and might even harm the gums! Remember to replace your child’s toothbrush every three months or sooner.

It is #flu season so please remember to change your toothbrush after you're sick because old germs can linger on your brush and re-infect you with the flu.   ‪

Flu season is here and recovering from the flu is hard enough, so don't let viruses linger on in your toothbrush! Change it out after being ill!

TEETH ARE AMAZINGLY STRONG, but they can't repair themselves. However, with proper care and protection they can last a lifetime!

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Anatomy of a Bad Tooth and Good Tooth: Two by Rachelignotofsky

One of my newest anatomy illustrations! This little guy is showing off his pearly whites. A cute way for kids to learn while they brush their teeth and a great gift for your favorite dentist.

Anatomical Molar Tooth cookie cutter Dental teeth by Bakerlogy

FLAT-RATE SHIPPING regardless of quantity! Flat-rate applies per address. ♥ SIZE: Realistic Tooth: Approximately cm by cm inch by 2 inch) Cute Smiley Tooth: Approximately 7 cm by 7 cm inch by inch) thickness of dough will be perfect inch) ESSENTIAL


Cavities are common, but preventable with proper health practices. In the event that a cavity needs to be filled.

April is Stress Awareness Month! Stress can impact your dental health. What are your favorite ways to de-stress?

Ayurvedic Natural Oral Care For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Sharp Smile Center is the home of expert Portage, MI, dentist Dr. Michael Sharp (student of Dr.

Dental Care Wall Decal Dentist Vinyl Sticker Wall Art Decor Home Interior…

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