Doe Deere Madonna by Jason Setiawan

"MADONNA" editorial styled by Leonid Gurevich / Photography: Jason Setiawan / Hair: Kristin Jackson / Makeup: Jayme Jennings using Lime Crime/ Model: Doe Deere Published in GLASSbook magazine.

Doe Deere's pretty purple hair

Sneak Peek GLASSBook New Editorial Photographer: Leonid Gurevich Model: Doe Deere Hair: Davedscissorhands MU: Doe Deere using Lime Crime Stylist:Leonid Gurevich Flower Crown:FIORI Couture Gown:Firefly Path.

But plant your hope with good seeds Don't cover yourself with thistle and weeds…

"Florentine" Hat created in my Atelier in "MADONNA" editorial GLASSbook Magazine styled by Leonid Gurevich/ Photographer: Jason Setiawan.