21 Epic Cosplays That Might Just Con-vince You to Become a Con-Goer

21 Epic Cosplays That Might Just Con-vince You to Become a Con-Goer

I dressed as 11 for dragon con and used the British accent and soniced people with the screwdriver (yes I'm a girl but who cares)

Funny pictures about Dalek's true love. Oh, and cool pics about Dalek's true love. Also, Dalek's true love.

By Monday morning of Dragon Con, most people were packing up to leave Atlanta…

Dragon Con Day 4: No Sleep, Sore Feet, and Still Going With Great Costumes

Welcome to Dragon*Con! - Welcome to Dragon*Con!  This is all about SciFi, fanatsy, gaming, comics, etc.  Great NASA panels, excellent all around convention!

Family Guide to Annual Dragon*Con Parade 2012 - Atlanta With Kid

Now that's a cosplay. #doctor #who | http://cosplaycollections832.blogspot.com

40+ of the best (hyper realistic) cosplays i've ever seen

Someone at Dragon*Con dressed as a Weeping Angel. THIS IS A COSTUME. <--The weeping angels on the show are also people in costume, but it's amazing they they did this themselves!

DRAGON CON 2013 - Epic Cosplay... This is amazing and apparently where all of my People are ;)

DRAGON CON 2013 - Epic Cosplay - Part That does it! DragonCon has officially been added to the Bucket List!

I LOVE THIS!!!! Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park cosplayed at Dragon Con 2015.

Dragon Con Day 1: Cosplayers Create a World Full of Terror and Wonder