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Nina Radzihovskaâ "cherry in white chocolate"

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Sekhment: "I am the dark goddess who shows the way Who strides like a lion in the darkness.” #myth

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Hathor ( "mansion of Horus"), Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. She was one of the most important and popular deities of Ancient Egypt. Hathor was worshiped by royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is depicted as "Mistress of the West" welcoming the dead into the next life. In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth, as well as the patron goddess of…

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ancient egyptian goddesses

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bastet egyptian goddess art - Google Search

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Little Paper Forest on

Permalien de l'image intégrée

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Thmei /Egyptian goddess of freedom, justice, honor, divination, balance, equality, foresight and morality. This Egyptian Goddess of law and Mother of Virtue watches over human conduct, looking for right action, wise decisions, ethical dealings and just outcomes.

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Traditional dress of Egypt: Legacy of ancient Kings and Queens

Ancient Egyptian. Egyptians developed their own unique style. Sheep wool wigs were worn to parties and women dressed in linen ankle-length dresses with straps that tied at the neck. Rich women wore heavily bejeweled collars called wesekh. Women also tinted their lips and cheeks with red ochre and lined their eyes and brows with black kohl using a fine reed.

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"Nut- the Egyptian sky goddess. She IS the sky and her lover is the earth. Forever separated from one another."

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Nephthys is the Egyptian Goddess of the Dead. Her name means "Mistress of the House" in the Egyptian language. She has also been called the "Friend of the Dead". Nephthys is the shadow of her sister Isis and rules over the darkness and the secrets of death. She is the protector of souls and the queen of the Underworld.

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