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Dilbert: "I have uncontrollable urges to show people better ways to do things." Fighting Darwin: Engineering Humor

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engineer birthday + humor - Google Search

cool engineer birthday + humor - Google Search... by

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I am not an engineer nor am I dating one, but I still appreciate this as nerd humor :)

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BI engineer humor - Google Search

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the numbers do not lie :)

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What it means to be an engineer…

I married that moon. Some days I have to tell him that his engineer is showing, but somehow we manage.

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Futile Nerds…

Not a nerd, just the daughter of an electrical engineer lol

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When an engineer goes camping

awesome When an engineer goes camping by

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Are you an Engineer? Show everyone your love for Engineer humor, with this great shirt.

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#Engineer humor. Why do we get such a bad rap?

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