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Navy (nails & dress) with Emeralds & Sapphires *W -- Actress Fan Bing Bing Cartier 2011

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing in Ralph Lauren Collection in Marie Claire Hong…

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing by Chen Man, Ralph Lauren Collection in Marie Claire Hong Kong


stopdropandvogue: “Fan Bingbing wears Marchesa Spring/Summer 2015 at the Annual Cannes Film Festival ” dream dress

Chinese Royal Consort's costumes and make-up during Tang Dynasty from Chinese drama " the Empress of China"

Ancient Chinese fashion and costumes seen in period drama and films. 武则天 "The Empress of China" - 2015 Chinese TV drama, starring Fan Bing Bing & Aariff Lee.

‏@linbhu: you've all seen fan bingbing in her dresses but have y'all seen her in a suit

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Chinese actress Fan Bingbing

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing