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Did anyone else watch this episode..? I loved it! The music was so catchy! Anyways yeah...this is actually what Robin says to Slade!

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Robin is such a quotable person. <3 <3 <3 <3

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Oh Terra........this episode was really sad...Tera is a meanie but she is still bæ....dunno ups have confused feelings about her lol

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Yes very true! Lol

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Ha she admitted BB's funny <<<< She probably said that because BB thinks he's funny.

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Bring it on! #comicbooks #comics /

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Hence my inherent dislike of Terra -__- (though, she kind of got on my nerves as well, which is part of it)

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Teen titans theme song sung by none other than the Teen Titans! (You HAVE to hear Cyborg) :)

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ok... i acctually do this a lot... the other day i played "Kick Me" in my sister's car... she was absolutly terrified... irdk why... "You Don't know SHIT SHIT SHIT! You don't know one goddamned thing about me! Keep looking down on me, i'm more than you'll ever be. Cut me deep but i won't bleed. Your gonna kick kick kick me when i'm down"

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Maybe, that makes sense

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