Firefighters put their lives on the line every time they face a fire.

With so many firefighters lost lately in the line of duty, I pray god to wrap his arms around each and every man and woman who gives a little part of themselves on each call. I'm proud to be a future firefighter!

NO EXCUSES "HARD WORK ALWAYS WORKS." - Especially while carrying 100 pounds of extra weight up stairs. #Goals

A high-rise pack and two extra SCBA bottles. First you haul these up the stairs, and THEN you go to work.


I Will Never Look At Firemen The Same After Seeing This. Seriously, Everyone Needs To See This

Beautiful Firefighter Towel! - FREE Shipping! - Show Off Your Firefighter Pride with this! - 30 inches x 60 inches - 400 gram towel Note: There are no returns on towels

Firefighter Towel (Free Shipping)

If you're a Firefighter, check out this Firefighter collection, you may like it :)  Here's link ==>  #firefighter #firefighters #fireman

Leaving to London is like leaving with a fire brigade: you leave into the unknown without really knowing where you go but you come back the head full of dreams.