Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy. Great simple Danish design.

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy.The minimalist USB bracelet designs feature drives tethered to braided cords, which means you should can have up to 8000 photos or songs with you at any time.

What a cool way to store your flash drive! This cassette tape would make a cool #giftidea! #tech #gadgets / TechNews24h.com

USB Mix Tape - Cool as. I always loved making mixed tapes and then CDs. Now, a USB mix tape ain't a bad idea either.

paper clip flash drive

5 Impossible-to-Lose Flash Drives

Promo Crunch. Home to the World's Best Custom Designed USB Flash Drives #usb #powerbank #battery #charger #logo #custom #marketing #branding #pvc #tech #gadget

Usbs divertidos!

Feeling a little thirsty? Check out these custom shaped usb drives in the shape of a coke bottle!

chewing gum pack repurposed into a cool usb flash drive

Chewing Gum USB !!

Welcome to another of my awesome USB case mods !This case mod allows you to sneakily conceal your USB in a chewing gum packet, apart from being.

.I actually have this computer which makes it even more intriguing.

Another 12 Cool USB Flash Drives - lego usb, sushi usb, funny usb

USB sticks are always nice to have around when transferring files from computer to computer. These Wooden USB Sticks from OOOMS are made to stand out from their natural environment of computers and…

Leef Ice 64 GB Copper Flash Drive #Copper, #Design, #FlashDrive

Leef Ice 64 GB Copper Flash Drive

Leef Ice is the perfect combination of beauty and speed. The drive is designed with an anodized aluminum band and methacrylic resin base which creates a unique optical experience when the USB device is functioning. Leef Ice also allows you to copy


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