Georges Braque né à Argenteuil le 13 mai 1882 mort à Paris le 31 août 1963. Véritable "penseur" du cubisme

Rétrospective Georges Braque au Grand Palais + Eléments de biographie et des oeuvres

Georges Braque May 1882 – 31 August was a major century French painter and sculptor who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed the art style known as Cubism.

Braque - Violin and Sheet Music on a Table, 1913

Violin and Sheet Music on a Table (Petit Oiseau) : Georges Braque : Synthetic Cubism : still life - Oil Painting Reproductions

Braque, Georges “Les Oiseaux” 1961 Exhibition at the Grand Palais 06th January 2014

Braque, Georges “Les Oiseaux” 1961 Exhibition at the Grand Palais January 2014

A prominent figure in the development of cubism, Georges Braque was a French painter and sculptor. As a young adult, he worked during the day as a house painter and decorator, in the same line of work as his father and grandfather, and he attended evening classes at the School of Fine Arts in Le Havre, France. In 1902, he received his certificate as a decorator, but still attended art school, at the Humbert Academy, where he studied until 1904.   Braque’s early works were impressionistic…

Violin and Palette, Georges Braque 1909 - Guggenheim Museum

Georges Braque.  Art Experience NYC

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