Slimer out of butcher block paper? Or event a bunch of green plates?

Pizza and Ghostbusters marathon. Likely to pass out though. Might have to spike that juice box.

I'd wish she was in the new Ghostbusters film - Rehashed from reddit feel free to subscribe if you prefer Pinterest over Reddit :) An IFTT test wrote by

I'd wish she was in the new Ghostbusters film<<<<I wish she was one of the actual Ghostbuster

The original trailer featured a 1-800 number, not a 555 number, which led to a prerecording of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. | 24 Fun Facts About The Movie "Ghostbusters"

24 Fun Facts You Never Knew About "Ghostbusters"

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Viewing photos of joeghostbuster's Ghostbusters Equipment on Ghostbusters Fans.

Fun ideas for a Ghostbusters Party OR Date Night. Free printables included! From The Dating Divas.

Ghostbusters Dinner & a Movie Date

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Ghostbusters...James likes movie a lot and loves the theme song (Kidbops version especially). Sept. Oct. 2014

Recycle Bin Cinéma

A recreation of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover a la Ghostbusters. Venkman with the cigarette and no shoes is perfect! Here's the original Abbey Road cover and a couple behind the scenes photos before the photo.