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andlatitude: Since there’s been no art on my blog yet today, let me present to you a dumb little sketch of Richard that one time he and Rob accidentally wore the same hat.

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it feels like fo-freaking-ever since i’ve sketched anything like this and it feels so weird D:i feel like i’ve forgotten what it feels like to draw for fun, need to come back to that as soon as possible. So here’s older Ben Wilson for you and me cause i hella missed him :3

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character sketch by dustsplat on DeviantArt

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Random OC by on @deviantART . Character Sketch / Drawing

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Character Sketch .., this is similar to my drawing style, it never looks this good, but I'm improving

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ArtStation - character sketches, richard anderson

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blaire and prosper burdge's drawings (she's awesome!)

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Could it be... Percy Jackson. by on @deviantART

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Samba by on @deviantART Humanized Jose Carioca Character Sketch / Drawing Illustration Inspiration

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