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hello. i suddenly enjoy running.

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this actual ray of sunshine barged into zayn's recording session nearly naked and somehow convinced a group of grown men to sing and dance with him

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I would have ran outside and petted the Dalmatian even if I was half naked and half asleep

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Shout out to all the beautiful women who don't need to dress half naked to get a man's attention...stay classy!!

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10 Times You Wanted Luke Evans To Suck Your Blood

Luke Evans #mancandy #eyecandy #TheHobbit

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A half-naked Jensen Ackles on the Impala. You're welcome. #Supernatural #Dean

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Ian Somerhalder - OK..YES@Kim Jokinen Lemen, this could be Christian Grey!! Yes I agree he must:)

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@Tangala Krous Krous Conover, @Hannah Mestel Mestel Jones

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I don't know, how he keeps his balance. I feel like if this was me, I would have slipped already.

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casually taking a pic half naked be like