Eldritch crib hand-carved by Atlanta artist Garrick Andrus

Hand-Carved Tentacle Crib by Atlanta Artist Garrick Andrus

This one is real - not Photoshopped - as explained by the craftsman's son in a discussion thread at Reddit.   It was featured in a JLC magazine article in 2005; the post is hand-carved from mahogany and modeled after a tropical strangler fig tree.  Carving and installing the handrail required 800 man-hours.


Funny pictures about Beautiful Banister. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful Banister. Also, Beautiful Banister.

BEST stamp carving tutorial on the web; she covers from beginning (tracing your design) to end (stamping).  She makes it look so darn easy

Useful basic 'Stamp' carving tutorial. covers from beginning (tracing your design) to end (stamping).

hen&rooster rubber stamp set. hand carved stamps. hand carved rubber stamp. easter holidays. diy wedding. hen and rooster. set of 2.

HEN&ROOSTER rubber stamp - hand carved rubber stamp - hen stamp - rooster stamp - set of 2

2-part cherry blossom rubber stamps. petals and stamen. hand carved rubber by talktothesun, $10.00

cherry blossom rubber stamps sakura hand carved by talktothesun:DIY stamps

Triquetra Hand Carved Wood Necklace

Triquetra Hand Carved Wood Necklace

This unique Triquetra Necklace has been meticulously carved from wood and comes with a multi-strand cord. It has been hand stained in an dark mahogany color, making this a magickal necklace for both m