One of our most well known exports and is Heineken. This beer which dates back to the century is the most popular beer in Holland though there are many regions that prefer local beers. In Eindhoven for example the most popular beer is Bavaria.

Other than Corona, this has to be my favorite beer. It just has such a fresh crisp taste. It is a bit more pricey because it is imported but it's definitely worth it and does not taste watered down!

"Heineken" best beer ever!:) Agree, on my personel collection there be the first on the stage, another: the russian valtika and Gold heidelberg - Heineken - Corporate Storytelling - Powered by DataID Nederland

Heineken is a huge international beer brand. It all started in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Nowadays, Heineken produces beer in more than 140 countries around the world.

- Heineken - Corporate Storytelling - Powered by DataID Nederland

The talented Mr. Ivo created some fantastic shots using Budweiser & Heineken. No trickery here!

Heineken Beer Original Watercolor Archival Print or Giclee - various sizes - man cave

To highlight the innovative Tru-fill technology by Heineken, we designed a stand that brought the technology to life.

HEINEKEN e MURPHY’S IRISH STOUT estarão presentes no dia de ST.PATRICK…BNPRESS conta !!!

Heineken x Soccer

Heineken today announced a landmark, long-term partnership agreement with Major League Soccer (MLS) to become the Official Beer of MLS.